Mulch Mulch Mulch!

We have three varieties of bark mulch in stock now! A hemlock blend that is a deep, rich red that looks great if you want that traditional feel for your property. A beautiful cocoa brown that gives your mulch beds a natural look. And, a deep black that looks great for homes with a gray foundation or as a neutral tone under a flower bed.

If you question the safety of the dyes used in mulch, take this into consideration. The majority of all mulch sold is dyed using iron oxide, which is essentially rust. It is not toxic to our environment, plants or animals. Black mulch is dyed using carbon – think of rubbing a charcoal from your grill. Bark mulch is the epitome of “natural” and it is an organic matter to use in your yard. As with all organic matter, it does decompose and the dyes will fade. Your mulch will likely need be replaced annually. Be cautious of your bark mulch sources and be sure you use a reputable company, as some off-brands may use a toxic dye that is not commonly used in the market.

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