Mowing Length

It is a very common misconception that you should cut your grass short – after all, it means more time between cuts, right? Wrong! You should cut your grass at the highest setting of your mower. Why? Think back to elementary school science class. The food for plants is the soil its roots are in, the water the soil gets, and the sunlight its leaves receive. If you cut your grass short, there is less grass blade to absorb the sun to create photosynthesis and feed the plant. This sends the grass into panic and it takes all of its energy to grow those blades high fast to get the food (sunlight) it needs to grow. Because all of its energy is focusing on quickly producing longer blades, the plant spends no energy on strengthening its roots or stem. This leads to a weaker plant that grows tall very quickly – everything you don’t want for your lawn. If you cut the grass at a high length, there is plenty of blade to absorb the sun and the grass can focus on strengthening its roots and stems. It doesn’t need to grow in height so quickly. It actually makes it so you’ll need to mow your lawn less often!

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